Friday, April 9, 2010

4th grade EAC 2008/2009
(many of these hard working students are currently in 5th grade EAC)
This is the 4th EAC meeting. There are 16 children involved. We are working on the herb beds and planting. Will is hoeing and turning soil to be ready for the herbs and Aaron is weeding. While a few shy hyacinths poke their heads out of the soil, sage is most prominent as its stalks are soon to have unpredictable flowers.
-Cassie, grade 4
We are planting herbs in the herb beds and loosening the soil so the herbs will grow better. You see, the herb gardens were filled with herbs, and were cared for, but then weeds took over them and the soil hardened. So we are making the herb beds beautiful and good for the environment again. The cafeteria also wants to use our herbs for omlette day, which everyone likes. We are growing mint, thyme, sage, mini-basil and will plant rosemary soon. Some flowers are growing in the herb gardens and they look like a diamond growing in gravel! They make the herb beds look nice because they are unique!
Soon plants will be towering over the sides, like an overflowing bucket of water, and our goal will be fulfilled.
-Maya, grade 4

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why GFS 4th graders want to take Environmental Action...

I feel like it is my job to help heal the earth. It is important to me that I do something rather than talking about it.

First I love nature. Also the EAC seems like a really cool group to be in. The environment is very important and not enough people care about it and I would love to change that. Also I love to help people or things in need of help.

I like to work with nature and plants around me, and I want to help the environment.

I have not done EAC before and I would like to help the earth.

I will help save the environment, which will help save the animals. I love animals.

I love working in the dirt, and planting things. I also am really concerned about the environment, so this would be cool for me.

I really want to make a difference for the earth, and work on projects that help the environment. Plus I love getting dirty. I care about the earth because I want to save animals that are going extinct, and make the earth healthy for trees so we can breath better.

I want to keep our campus clean, it sounds really fun and I love doing things that involve planting.

I love to help the environment and E.A.C. is a place I can! And I saw the first part of E.A.C. last year while I was sharpening pencils for you and it looked like something that I would want to do!

Its like the worlds going into a whirlpool of trash and muck every day I see ads about GLOBAL Warming, dumps filled up and landfills stretching across the world, I WANT TO HELP!

It looks really fun. I want to help the Environment.

I want to make the world a better place by planting trees and plants.

I want to help the environment, I like to get dirty and I love planting and working with the earth.

I would like to join the E.A.C. because I really want to learn how to take better care of the environment so I can help the environment more, outside of school.

The environment is important and I want to help protect it. There is only one world.

I would like to join E.A.C. because I would like the world to be clean.

I want to help green the earth with earthly substances like food waste. I think people should not waste the earth’s resources, like water. I want to use resources that have no end. I can’t wait to start.