Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why GFS 4th graders want to take Environmental Action...

I feel like it is my job to help heal the earth. It is important to me that I do something rather than talking about it.

First I love nature. Also the EAC seems like a really cool group to be in. The environment is very important and not enough people care about it and I would love to change that. Also I love to help people or things in need of help.

I like to work with nature and plants around me, and I want to help the environment.

I have not done EAC before and I would like to help the earth.

I will help save the environment, which will help save the animals. I love animals.

I love working in the dirt, and planting things. I also am really concerned about the environment, so this would be cool for me.

I really want to make a difference for the earth, and work on projects that help the environment. Plus I love getting dirty. I care about the earth because I want to save animals that are going extinct, and make the earth healthy for trees so we can breath better.

I want to keep our campus clean, it sounds really fun and I love doing things that involve planting.

I love to help the environment and E.A.C. is a place I can! And I saw the first part of E.A.C. last year while I was sharpening pencils for you and it looked like something that I would want to do!

Its like the worlds going into a whirlpool of trash and muck every day I see ads about GLOBAL Warming, dumps filled up and landfills stretching across the world, I WANT TO HELP!

It looks really fun. I want to help the Environment.

I want to make the world a better place by planting trees and plants.

I want to help the environment, I like to get dirty and I love planting and working with the earth.

I would like to join the E.A.C. because I really want to learn how to take better care of the environment so I can help the environment more, outside of school.

The environment is important and I want to help protect it. There is only one world.

I would like to join E.A.C. because I would like the world to be clean.

I want to help green the earth with earthly substances like food waste. I think people should not waste the earth’s resources, like water. I want to use resources that have no end. I can’t wait to start.

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