Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the final fourth grade EAC meeting, and a thank you

Now the environmental action club is over, and we have accomplished our goal! So happy but so sad.
We have made $277.08 from the lemonade stand that we organized, and worked so hard to make lemonade, and advertise the cause, which was going to the oil spill that is killing animals and hurting the earth. But we are also going away to the peak of lower school, fifth grade, or going to another school, or moving to a place like Venice. Well, we might just stay here, and be in the fifth grade EAC. But we might not. Anyway, we are just happy that we have helped mother nature, helped the environment, helped the world.

So thanks all you people out there for buying our lemonade, and signing our petition too!!!!!! And say goodbye to the fourth grade EAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Fourth Grade EAC

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